Creative Learning Center

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Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

We are very proud and excited about our high quality State mandated V.P.K. program. Our V.P.K. program is established with a solid academic foundation and is modeled around the Beyond Centers and Circle Time Curriculum. The Beyond Centers and Circle Time curriculum were chosen in an effort to maintain a balance between supporting children's acquisition of skills and knowledge that will prepare him/her for later school success and the joy's and delights of experiencing a playful childhood. The BCCT curriculum, used at Creative Learning Center provides children with emergent literacy experiences within well planned and implemented play opportunities that use cooking, dramatic play, fluid and structured construction, and fine and gross motor opportunities to meet the individual and cultural needs of each child while providing him/her opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in all domains. These experiences support the development of the whole child through topics that young children find interesting. Children need time to develop knowledge and play skills.

The experiences that your child will be provided by our teachers help them create a vast resource of general knowledge about their world. Your Child will enter school having had rich experiences through stories and books, which will give them a better foundation for comprehending subjects they read. We provide your child with opportunities to learn in safe, loving, exciting environments in which they will develop the ability to persist at tasks, as well as an eagerness and curiosity about their world. They will also develop social skills, creativity and an ability to play with other children and adults who encourage their ideas. Research shows that children's success is based on how they approach learning situations. Children who are resilient, who keep trying and who are confident in their own abilities will be successful at Creative Learning Center.