Creative Learning Center

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 Safety First!




Every door into the center is electronically secured. If you do not have a personal code, (issued only to you) access to enter the building is denied. Unauthorized people are not permitted without proper identification. Closed circuit cameras are also installed in every classroom to continue our commitment to your child's safety and well being. Monitors are available in the main office for parents to view any time their child is in care. Creative Learning Center is the only school in the entire area that has this state of the art security system for your childs protection.

We are all well aware that schools are increasingly more vulnerable to crime and violence now, more than ever. That is why Creative Learning Center is dedicated to excellence in protecting your most prized possession, your children. We hold the safety and security of your family in highest regard. We offer you peace of mind in knowing that your child is cared for in a protected and secure environment, that is monitored by the second largest commercial security company in the United States.

When you enroll this high tech security system will be fully explained to you.