Creative Learning Center

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At Creative Learning Center we believe that each child is a unique individual and should be treated with understanding and respect. We provide bright, colorful classrooms so that children are cared for in a positive, happy, and stimulative environment. Our teachers are chosen with care. A loving nurturing disposition as well as good educational background that meets Creative Learning Centers high standards as well as exceeds Pinellas County License Board Requirements is mandatory. References are carefully checked by each center director and a complete background investigation including fingerprinting is done by the department of law enforcement as well as the F.B.I.


We use a professional curriculum that is tailored for each age level from the age of one year through fourth grade. We believe in taking the children at their own pace toward given objectives. We also have a checklist of skill areas within which we work on specifics, such as developing motor skills, dexterity, balance etc. Social development, sharing, respect, and positive interaction with our children and adults are emphasized. The D'Nealian handwriting program is taught at the appropriate age level. This enables each child to transition smoothly into the public school system. We limit the number of children in the classroom, to provide a smaller learning environment. Our classrooms are organized into a central activity area surrounded by learning centers. Outdoor physical activities are of vital importance for all age groups, and we have an excellent choice of age appropriate equipment on each playground. We also begin a computer skills learning program in the pre kindergarten classes to give children the technological advantage they need.

We think, "Children are special people." We hope to supplement rather than duplicate the home. Our children are encouraged to use the materials creatively and are provided first hand contact with their environment. They are stimulated, and encouraged to discuss their experiences with others, especially their parents and friends at home. We provide healthful opportunities for social adjustments, help them consider the rights of others, share, and stand up for their own rights in socially accepted ways. We strive to reduce tendencies towards shyness and teach the children to cooperate, but still maintain individuality.

Our philosophy is that learning should be a fun experience. Our centers provide a safe, clean, loving second home for the children. Their mental and physical well being are our prime concern. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your child is happy and well cared for in a nurturing environment that strives for the best preschool, elementary, and after school experience available.